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Tel: 1-800-768-9936 / 1-800-780-9367
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(*) Free Incoming Calls

Rental Phones are delivered with:
> Advance number distribution: Your number will be provided upon signature of rental agreement.
> User guide.
> 2 rechargeable high capacity batteries.
> International travel charger and plug adapters.
> Cig cord adaptor upon request.
> Carry case.

Phone rental services includes:
> Worldwide customer support.
> Free itemized billing.
> Personal account management.

Rental rate $ 3 per day
Incoming calls FREE in Argentina
Rest $ 1,50
International $ 1,80

Insurance (optional)

$ 1,90 / day

Roundtrip Shipping

$25 each way

Minimum usage

5 min/day

Calls between our phones FREE.

APR also offers local numbers in some countries, where you can have FREE INCOMING CALLS. Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States.

  Note: Anywhere Phone Rental
can also offer you local phone numbers for particular countries.
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